With lots of excitement, the life started at NID.. not as i expected though… the foundation for around three months with basics of art, sketch, color , composition, form, and finally ending with Design process…!

The most interesting part in foundation course were the Artist Talks… setting an example, an inspiration. To see the works of all the professionals. Viewing certain documentary for reference. One of them I specifically remember is a   BBC Document : Secret s of Drawing by Andrew Graham Dixon. I’ve chosen Photography in NID… my dream, my passion connected to the same field it was important to me to understand how each Module helped me in Photography..!! It made sense to me with each assignments given to us in foundation.

The best about foundation course was that all 100 of worked together on projects,on assignments. This phase was also to know each other in the best possible way.. understand how each one of us from different backgrounds, different places came together under one roof. It was an opportunity to learn from each other.

NID a place to learn , live , grow, design our world in a better way.

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