DPF – Delhi Photo Festival

Delhi Photo Festival’13

Date: 27th September 2013 – 29th September’ 2013

Sessions Attended

Day 1 – Inauguration of Delhi Photo Festival with a Keynote address by Urs Stahel (courtesy Pro Helvetia)

Day 2 – Artist Talk by Sheba Chhachi

Interaction and Q&A session with Urs Stahel (courtesy Pro Helvetia)

Click, Flash & Black Robes, a seminar on issues where law and photography collide conducted by Apar Gupta (Partner at Advani & Co, specialising in Intellectual Property & Media Law) & Abhinav Sanghi (photographer / lawyer)


Day 3 – Lectures:

Christopher Pinney : The Civil Contract of Photography in India

Aditya Arya: The Art of the Camera

The Delhi Photo Festival is an initiative of the India Habitat Centre and Nazar Foundation to bring photography, the real democratic form into the public space, thereby, creating awareness of photographic arts and initiating dialogue amongst its many practitioners and Lovers.

The theme this year at DPF was GRACE, a tribute to the Late Prabuddha Dasgupta.

Being part of Delhi Photo Festival itself is learning. The opening was by Raj Liberhan, director of India Habitat Centre, also speech by Urs Stahel.

Apart from the lectures, the Artist Talks and screenings, India Habitat centre was overflowing with fascinating photographs with creative installations, few of them which have been permanently registered in my mind are mentioned below:

  • Alvaro Laiz and Rengel (ANHUA), Spain – FUTURE PLAN
  • Asmita Parelkar, India – GIRAFFE BEHIND THE DOOR
  • Giacomo Brunelli, Italy – THE ANIMALS
  • Jannatul Mawa, Bangladesh – CLOSE DISTANCE
  • Jason Sangik Noh, South Korea – BIOGRAPHY OF CANCER
  • Mohit Bhatia, India – CITIZEN NAGAR
  • Natasha Hemrajani,  India – HELLO, GOODBYE
  • Amirtharaj Stephen, India – KOODANKUKAM: IN MY BACKYARD

The sessions attended had immense learning and takeaway with it. For example the contemporary style of photography done by Sheba Chhachi, Apar Gupta stating the laws of displaying pictures on public sites and having a copyright for the photographs you own, Aditya Arya speaking about knowing the history of Camera.

giraffe behind the doors project at DPF IMG_0184 study observation

Apple Snails
Apple Snails

High High Pretty lady Frame Captured Macha

Zoom burst
Zoom burst

The Station A drop of earth

Lost in thoughts - Courtsey Nidhin Bose
Lost in thoughts – Courtsey Nidhin Bose

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