Year 2015

Its been really long, that i have blogged.. Like really really long.. last I believe was 2013.. Hmmm so here I am again..

Well this year 2015, is meant to be traveled..the start of the year was a surprise visit to Mumbai for my mom.. I just planned one night and backpacked to home. Untill then I did not know what’s more to come.

After a week long in Mumbai was back to Ahmedabad.. back to college. Once back was ready for the next one. This was an international country, it was all planned though yet very excited about it. My entire batch was all set and left in week’s time to BANGLADESH.. Oh Yes!!

I took a flight to Kolkata and then a bus to Dhaka. We went for Chobi Mela VIII ( I am gonna give you details and pictures of Bangladesh in the next blog maybe.

Once I was back, I got a news I got selected for a Magnum Workshop in GOA… yeii!! another trip in pipeline. Just today as i write this I am packing for Goa.. being in Mumbai some just expect me to be gone to Goa atleast once. Well I did, but that was 17years ago.. Oh yes… So I am excited..!!

My travelling has been planned untill August. I would be visiting my Home Town Kerala after 7-8 years now in April and then again in August. I dunno whats in Store for me other than this.. But I’m sure excited about it.

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